Thursday, January 27, 2011

LOL, I wasn't going to make you wait forever!

Here is the dresser!

A problem I ran into with this dresser, beyond the drawers needing to be rebuilt, were the drawer pulls. Some of them had stuck and stripped screws holding them in place, as a result they weren't usable when I finally got the dremmel to take them off. And, they are antique hardware, so matching them would be expensive, and frankly I didn't like them that much to begin with. So, I was left with this:
A pretty dresser without handles.

I tried putting yarn in until I could get the pulls I really want, but no matter how many large knots I put on the ends, they kept pulling out.

Then I got an idea for a cheap and easy fix.

Washers and ribbon.
The washers were $.79 at Walmart and the ribbon was $1.50.
First I pushed the ribbon through both holes with a half loop on the outside of the drawer ( I had it cut in about 6 inch strips).

Then I tied the washers to the ribbon on the inside of the drawer with half of a square knot.

I love how it turned out, and although the ribbon in not suppose to be perminant, it is cute and I may just keep it like this!
I think it could be a great way to add some cute decoration to a little kids room (girl or boy) and add interest to a plain dresser without having to paint.
Thanks for looking and have an awesome day!
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Allison said...

Very resourceful! lol I couldn't even tell it was ribbon in the first picture! Great job on the dresser!
Thanks for linking this up as well.


cute idea. love the color