Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Colds are the worst... especially colds that make the kids cough so hard that they throw up. Anyways, that is where I have been, since Thanksgiving. I do have one suggestion for any mommy with a sick kiddo: Boogie wipes. you can get them at Target, Babies R Us and I've heard rumors of Costco carrying them. They are by far the best thing ever for runny noses. Bug, my 2yr old, will not let me touch his nose with tissues, but when he sees that boogie wipe case come out he is more than happy to let me clean his nose off... he will even wipe it himself! I tried fooling him once, with baby wipes, that is something I'm never trying again... I happened to have a cold at the same time and tried a baby wipe on my own nose and it REALLY hurt. Boogie wipes on the other hand do not hurt at all, infact I find them soothing. Definately worth the 3.99 for a package (you may be able to find them cheaper, I was deparate the last time I picked them up).
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and start of the Christmas season! I'm plugging away at the pyrex cozy tutorial... there are tons of pictures to organize, but hopefully it will be up soon, as well as a puff quilt for a twin sized bed.

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