Friday, November 5, 2010

Thanks to all the awesome pattern makers!

When I started looking through the DIY blogs I notices an awesome trend... almost anything I wanted to make had a tutorial or pattern out there! I have tried a few things so far and I'm having a blast!!! (and saving money, which is a huge bonus)

First I tried these adorable fleece winter hats for the boys, pattern courtesy of From an Igloo. I love how they turned out, especially because each of them only cost ~$2.00... compare that to the $15+ they charge in the stores and it was definitely worth the time.

(The hats weren't quite finished in this picture)

Next I tried the "Hobo Bag" from MADE... It literally took me minutes to whip up a cute little sac for my 2 yr old. I see TONS of possibilities for these bags; Large ones for sorting toys, small ones for wrangling baby socks in suitcases when traveling, organizing our double diaper bag by person, gift bags, ... just to name a few! I can't wait to make more of them!

(Fabric courtesy of craft fair left overs :) but Bug seems to love it )

There are dozens more that I can't wait to try... now it is only a matter of finding sewing time!

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