Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shop-vac Hang up Mini review

Are you like me? Do you really like having a clean, cracker crumb free car? I love it when my car has been freshly vacuumed and looks nice and neat, but sometimes, with two little ones it will be weeks before I can get to the car wash without the little monsters to use one of the high powered vacuums to clean every crevasse out. I hated it, it drove me crazy, especially when I had an unexpected passenger like a friend or co-worker in the car. I couldn't use my house hold vacuum because it didn't have enough suction and I really didn't want to put it through the abuse of constantly sucking up who knows what. While working on a wood project we ran into the problem of having sawdust everywhere, it was a disaster zone and I didn't want to use the house hold vacuum for the above reasons. On a quick run to Walmart I came across the Mini Shop-vac. At $19.95 I figured it was worth a try (especially with Walmart's awesome return policy). Let me say, I LOVE IT. It has amazing suction, cleans up anything and everything (even super fine sand from the beach!!!) and I find myself using it daily. It is small enough to put into the car while I clean so I never run into not being able to reach an area, it also comes with attachments to make cleaning small spaces easier. Water messes that use to take tons of towels or paper towels now get sucked up and emptied out in seconds. It does have an auto shut off suction function if you knock it over while it is on, and that took a while to figure out what was going on, but it is to protect the electrical parts when working with water. Over all, I highly recommend it to pretty much anyone, a mommy with little kids, daddy who works with wood or other messy clean ups, or just that person who wants a shop vac but doesn't want to store something that big or the big price tag.

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